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Here at Hyped Party Co. we don't believe in generic parties or tired themes. We firmly believe that ANYONE can throw a party that's not just worthy of the 'gram, but more importantly, that's worthy of their life's celebrations.

That's why we got rid of the guesswork, stress, and time it takes to plan an event by curating the perfect party for you. Quality products and supplies, cutting edge themes and designs, and a whole lot of free time for you, all wrapped up in one. freaking. box. (You're welcome.)

We promise to keep all of our design packages fresh, creative, and original. We'll strive to keep you ahead of the trends instead of desperately raiding the local party store for every bored party theme out there, as long as YOU promise not to throw any more ugly parties. 


So take a few minutes to look through our perfectly curated party boxes, customize it to meet your occasion's needs, checkout, and THAT'S IT!

Now sit back, put on your party hat (unless your event is like a month away...don't be weird about it), and let us take care of the rest!

seasonal events

As if the Holidays needed anymore stress...


Kick off your holiday bash with the latest seasonal trends when you shop our holiday party boxes.

seasonal decor

Those ornaments are SO. LAST. SEASON.


Get some new ones with our seasonal decor boxes

what we're about.

If living in the era of social media has taught us anything, it's that there is more than one way to throw a party. 

We like to party. So we're invested in making sure that parties are here to stay.

(beautiful parties, that is. STOP THROWING UGLY PARTIES. Let us help.)



think outside of the box in our party designs and product selection.

challenge the average consumer's party options.


forge a path for the future of sustainable parties (that don't suck).


so that whatever shows up at your doorstep from us is something that makes sense for you.

Read more about our brand values here.

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