about us.

Oh hi there. We're Hyped Party Co. and we like to party.


We also like people and hate ugly parties (boooooo). Because we like people (and hate ugly parties) we're on a mission to make show-stopping, jaw-dropping, and downright gorgeous party theme packages accessible and affordable for all.

Hyped Party Co. started out with me, (owner and operator) Whitney, feeling frustrated and overwhelmed trying to plan parties for significant events in my family's life. I was tired of not having the time (or money) to scour Etsy or Pinterest for the party decor that matched the ridiculously opulent theme I had in my head. I didn't just want light blue balloons or a plastic tablecloth. I wanted dusty blue balloons and a rustic gauze table runner

Was that too much to ask?!


According to my husband/designated bank account manager, and my two small, time-sucking children, it was.


That's why our goal at HPC is to scour the internet for you.

[And if we can't find anything good enough for our (obnoxiously) high standards, we'll custom make something ourselves!]


Our hobbies include: saving you time, money, and guesswork. (We're also just kind of obsessed with parties and decor.)


Busy parent with negative-zero time to plan a party? We gotchu. 

Decorating not really your thang? Don't sweat it.

Want fresh holiday decor this season but the internet and local stores are too overwhelming? We see you.

Save yourself some time, money, and stress (no more double-dosing that deodorant or fighting stress acne in your thirties] LET US HANDLE IT.

[seriously. we live for this shit.]


We're here to create everything you could want in a cohesive, trendsetting, make-your-fellow-book club-moms-jealous, party theme ALL IN ONE PLACE.


All of the party glory and none of the hassle.

So say goodbye to DIY disasters and last minute runs to the party store; there's a new party supply co in town, AND IT IS TIME TO GET HYPED.

contact us.