pink and ivory pampas grass.

pink and ivory pampas grass.

we've all seen the newest floral trend for weddings, events, and home decor. PAMPAS GRASS. and we all want it. snag a bunch for yourself while you still can.

  • sold by the bunch - one bunch is approx 16 stems.

    real, preserved pampas grass.

    38"-32" stems.

  • take care of your fluffy friend and she'll take care of you. 

    well cared for stems can last a couple of years, making these babies well worth the investment!

    shedding is very normal with pampas grass so don't be alarmed when you pull it out and the tufts start flying. it's a good idea to occasionally take your stems outside and give them a shake to loose any pieces. if you're worried about premature balding, you can spray occasionally with hairspray to help keep those precious pieces from falling to the ground. 

    to fluff your pieces we recommend gently shaking them outside, or, even better, use a blow dryer on its lowest settings to softly plump your plumes.