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do we even care about you?



We've been on the receiving end of bad customer service relationships, so we're going to try our best to be fair, honest, and most importantly, deliver better than sex customer service.


......Well maybe not quite that good;

(we don't want to be responsible for you questioning the quality and satisfaction of your intimate relationships) BUT STILL. we're going to try our hardest to knock your socks off with our friendly, down to earth, real world view responses and customer service.

All we ask in return is that if you're communicating with one of our customer service peeps, that you offer us the same courtesy that you'd speak to an esteemed family member or friend with. If you can't do that, we'll politely ask you "if you kiss your mother with that mouth?" (obviously with a follow-up question as to why you're still kissing your mother), and then cut you out of our lives.


We will figure this out together (and it will be a whole lot easier if we like each other).

Of course, if you have any questions, feedback, or even complaints, please feel free to contact us. We'll try like, extra hard to make it right and win you back.

[Unless you're one of those people who are just determined to have a bad time, then we'll probably just give you your money back (where applicable) and ghost you, 'cause there's just no pleasing some people, amiright?]

Cancellations, Refunds, and Returns...Oh My!

We like to think of ourselves as being pretty understanding and "with it" when it comes to meeting fair expectations of delivered goods and services in this day and age, so we get that sometimes life (or 2020) happens, and your party might hit the low end of the priorities list (right above cleaning out your email inbox). We'll try to not get offended and, if your request falls within the 24 hour cancellation window, we'll cancel your order for a full refund. Please contact us. with further questions about cancelling your order.

Should any items arrive damaged, broken, or otherwise unsatisfactorily, please fill out a return inquiry. within 30 days from the date received. Should your inquiry be accepted, we will issue a free return shipping label and a full refund will be issued upon receipt of the returned items. 

Returned items must be unused and returned in their original condition to be accepted.

If you would like to order a replacement, we recommend ordering a new box or item from our shop (rather than waiting for us to receive your return and ship a replacement to you, as it will take much longer for you to receive your new order that way.) A refund for the original order will be issued upon receipt of the returned items.

Wholesale HUNGRY?

As stated in our FAQ.we currently do not offer wholesale pricing or redistribution on or for any of our products at this time ( these items are not for resale  - in case that was unclear).


We consider these boxes and our exclusive product line of party supplies to be our babies and we're just not ready to see them leave the nest.

If you think you should be an exception, need to inquire about bulk order discounts, OR are just crushing hard on our party vibes and think we'd be a good fit for your next collaboration, please reach out to us via our contact us. form and check out our Collab FAQ. so we can see if the feeling is mutual. ✨

howse we's likes our monies.

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