our values.

What we're about: A love letter from the owner.


The short version:

Practicality meets versatility. 


Versatility falls for practicality.


* they make some magic *




Hyped Party Co. was born. 



The (much) longer version:


We're not sure if we're out to prove something or just have an uncontrollable need to be different from everyone else, but we're on a mission to change and refresh the party landscape.


Our number one goal at Hyped Party Co. is to make beautiful parties a little more practical for you AND for the world you live in.


Hyped Party Co. is the first party supply company of its kind. We're people too, so we understand the value of your money, your selective shopping criteria, and the delicate balance between cost-effective spending and saving the world. 


That's why we're on a mission to offer practical, affordable alternatives to the disposable party. While parties have gotten bigger, more unique, and definitely more photo-ready, not much else has changed. We're here to stir the punch a little and offer party supplies that have practicality and sustainability in mind. 


We know that shopping ethically, eco-friendly, sustainably, AND supporting locally and minority owned businesses are things that are important to you because, as people who also have to buy stuff, these are values that are important to us too. That's why we plan on offering a selection of party boxes and supplies that include products that are local, handmade, vintage, upcycled, recycled, biodegradable, and reusable.  It's also why, for the disposable items we do sell, we are selective in choosing our inventory - choosing manufacturers and suppliers that follow ethical labor and business practices. We're shopping ethically so that you don't have to think twice about what you're trading your money for. 



While we work hard to make the best ethical choices when sourcing our inventory, we also aren't going to turn a blind eye to the need for affordable products (because no one is above saving money).  So yes. PLEEEASE make us your new source for sustainable (AND gorgeous) parties (goodbye disposable party model,  h e l l o  Hyped Party Co.) BUT if sustainable, higher cost items that are designed with reuse in mind aren't your thing for this particular event, that's fine too! Sometimes you need to throw a beautiful party on the cheap. And sometimes you need a plate that CAN be thrown away because the neighbor kid just barfed his hand-churned, $12 cookies and cream gelato all over it. We get it. And we're here for you too.  Our shop, boxes, and products are all designed and curated to be inclusive to consumers with diverse needs and values.


While we're striving to never sacrifice our values to save a buck, we also want to be realistic about shopping smart and, that for many of you, that entails using fewer dollar signs and is ultimately one of the primary factors in your purchasing decisions.


This isn't about labels, identity, stereotypes or narrowing in on a target market. We just want you to have a beautiful party that you can feel confident about. Whether that confidence comes from saving money, achieving a gorgeous, trend-setting, memorable event, or buying party supplies that satisfy your conscience, we want you to able to count on us.


Maybe that makes us fence-sitters, wishy-washy, overt people pleasers, or even hypocrites, but we're not here to make you think we sit on a white horse or pretend to be something we're not just so that we can make money off of you. We ARE here to please people and we hope to do that by offering products that make sense for you, (whoever you are and whatever you're looking for).


We understand that people are generally good. We know that on some level we ALL care about the world we live in and that most all of us would prefer to support local or small businesses. Or make good choices for the planet. Or only support the companies that spoil their employees. (duh.) But sometimes that's easier said than done. Sometimes we can't afford the lifestyle that checks every single one of these boxes. Sometimes those choices don't ultimately make sense and we have to sacrifice somewhere. We understand.  So believe us when we say we're not here to completely abolish the disposable party (at least not for now), because sometimes that party makes the most sense. We're not here to exclusively eliminate single use plastics or outside manufacturers (because sometimes that manufacturer in China is doing everything right and is the smartest choice in terms of quality, cost, and sustainability.)




To give you options.


So that YOU can be empowered to make informed decisions that make the most sense for your life. We hope we can help. Whether that's by providing an event that looks professionally designed at a fraction of the cost, or by giving you the most bang for your buck with our versatile and reusable products, we hope that we can help you sacrifice a little less in your party planning decisions and get a little more out of your life's celebrations. Go ahead. You deserve it.